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Marie is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer based in Los Angeles. You can email her at

2023 Parallel Play link

2022 Bag of Bones (movement piece) link

2022 Mitzvah, written with Danny Ritz, produced by Flying Horse Films link

2022 half sleep, experimental film created alongside Nima Farzaneh link

2021 To & From, produced by Flying Horse Films link

2021 poet/prof (short documentary) link

2020 Datum 2/6/20, 3rd place in Stanford’s Poetry into Film Contest link


TBD Singing for Justice, dir. Estelle Freedman and Christie Herring

2021 Sweet Land: The Making of a Myth, KCET and MoCA

2021 Untitled Confidential Feature with Jane Doe Films (Allen v. Farrow, Not So Pretty)

2020 RUTH, dir. Academy Award Winner Freida Lee Mock

2019 The Choir and Conductor, dir. Freida Lee Mock



2022 Development Intern, Ark Media (Brooklyn, NY)

2021 Film/TV Intern, Herzog & Co (Los Angeles, CA)

2020 Development Intern, Hyde Park Entertainment (Los Angeles, CA) 


2023 “Yesterday, & For Tomorrow,” MINT Magazine, Winter 2023. Print.

2022 Product photography for WhatGoesAroundNYC link

2022 “Catherine in her backyard,” Primadonna Zine, Fall 2022. Online. link

2022 “On Girlhood & Contrast,” Jawbreaker Zine, Fall 2022. Online. link

2022 “Amanda on her roof,” Primadonna Zine, Fall 2022. Online. link


2022 EP ‘Little Giver’ Self produced with Joey Friedman link

2021 “godhood is just like girlhood.” deargrrrls Magazine, Spring 2021. Print. 

2020 “Los Angeles,” Kelp Journal, Spring 2020. Print.

2020 Created Quarazine, an online pandemic zine with help from Stanford Arts link 



Yastika Guru, “Golden Spike Studio’s student films tackle break-ups, Jenga and filming in cars,” The Stanford Daily, 15 February 2022. Online.

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